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The AnsiPos function looks for a substring Needle in a string HayStack, returning the position in the string of the first occurence.

All Ansi commands support multi-byte and accented characters.

If the string is not found, 0 is returned.

The search is case sensitive.

Note that strings start at position 1.

Multi-byte character sets are operating system defined. For example, Oriental versions of Windows uses multi-byte characters to support thier very large set of primitives ('letters').

Example code

position : Integer;

// Look for the word ‘Cat’ in a sentence
// Note : that this search is case sensitive, so that
//        the first ‘cat’ is not matched
position := AnsiPos(‘Cat’, ‘The cat sat on the Cat mat’);
if position = 0
then ShowMessage(”’Cat” not found in the sentence’)
else ShowMessage(”’Cat” was found at character ‘+IntToStr(position));
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   ‘Cat’ was found at character 20