Adding component help to Delphi

Despite what it says in Delphi’s documentation, to add component help simply follow these instructions.

1: Add the component help file to the registry Add the help file’s location to


To add

C:Program FilesBorlandDelphi4HelpMyHelp.hlp to the registry insert a value named MyHelp.hlp,

with the above path as the value.

2: Enable Delphi to display the component’s help keywords in the index

Open C:Program FilesBorlandDelphi4Helpdelphi4.cnt and add the following entry to the end of the file’s index section: :

Index My Help Title=MyHelp.hlp

3: Add link support to Delphi’s Help system Open C:Program FilesBorlandDelphi4Helpdelphi4.cfg

Add the following line to the end of the file: :

Link MyHelp.hlp

Then add :

Include Delphi4.cfg to your contents file (MyHelp.cnt).